Borate and Daggett Railroad

Documents & Articles.

Part of the History of the Tonopah & Tidewater Railroad,

its associates, the Mojave Desert and the Amargosa Valley.

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Railroad History
Memories Of Old Borate
Florence Smitheram, wife of William Smitheram who replaced Fred Corkhill as Superintendant at Borate, maintained a notebook and at random intervals recorded events and described personalities. These are her Borate memories.  
Smitheram, Wm. H.
The Borate & Daggett,
Forerunner of the T&T

An overview of the construction, operation, and demise of the first of the significant "borax" railways, the Borate & Daggett Railroad.  
Ross, Delmer G.
Accident Reports
Legal Documents
Area History
Miscellaneous Documents
Borate - Satellite Photograph
Interactive photograph.
It may be zoomed and panned.
Stitched from U.S.G.S. satellite imagery.

Requires Java, otherwise it'll be an oversized image.
Courtesy U.S.G.S.


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