Death Valley Railroad

Brill Railcar #5
2004 Updates

It's Happening !

On June 5th DVRR #5 moved again under her own power!

Photos: © Jim Pittman / Laws Railroad Museum
Some folks got to celebrate the 4th of July Holiday
with a ride on DVRR #5!

Photo: © Bob Ukrich
Photo: ©David A. Wright


DVRR's #5, the Brill Railcar, is currently housed at the Laws Railroad Museum having underwent a complete restoration by a group of Laws Museum volunteers. This update contains images from various contributors and will expand as more becomes available. All thanks to the courtesy of the museum's staff and the assistance of Jim Pittman and Jim Saylor.


What a difference three years
of hard work have made!
Early stages of siding
repair and stabilization.

April, 2001
Photo: © John A.McCulloch
April, 2001
March, 2004
Nearly done ... just a few more
bits to find and add.

March, 2004
Photo: © Jim Pittman - Laws Railroad Museum
The 'Artiste'
Resident Artiste Bob Ukrich at work.
March, 2004
Photo: © Jim Pittman / Laws Railroad Museum

Interior Progress Comparison
Photos: © Jim Pittman / Laws Railroad Museum


If you're planning to be in the Owens Valley near Bishop, make the Museum a "must see".
Hours are 10 am to 4 pm, year 'round.
(760) 873-5950

Please contact the Museum directly.
Do not email TTRR - we have no day-to-day information.


A restful view from the bench in front of the Medical Building and Barbershop.


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