Death Valley Railroad

Documents & Articles.

Part of the History of the Tonopah & Tidewater Railroad,

its associates, the Mojave Desert and the Amargosa Valley.

Links to external references - where available.

Railroad History
Labor Analysis of
Building the DVRR

A breakdown of the DVRR track laying expenses for labor and supplies. This doesn't include the materials costs.
courtesy John's Western Gallery
 T&T Document
Accident Reports
Legal Documents
Area History
Tracking the DVRR
Tracking the Baby Gauge
Baby Gauge Tour
A series of photographs taken while walking the rails of the Baby Gauge on the hillsides above Furnace Creek Wash.  
McCulloch, J. A.
Miscellaneous Documents
Photographs of the Brill Railcar undergoing complete restoration by the Owens Valley Railway Company at the Laws Railroad Museum.  
McCulloch, J. A.
Owens Valley Railway Co. Newsletters
Restorers of the Brill Car, DVRR #5


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