The Ghosts of the T&T

Photographic Creations

Bullfrog Goldfield RR

The Station at Rhyolite

Second in reaching Rhyolite, the Bullfrog Goldfield Railroad placed its first station at the bottom of the hill in Bullfrog. After constructing a Wye and tracks up the eastern wash beside Ladd Mountain, the BG finally reached Rhyolite proper. To service the Rhyolite location the passenger trains backed up the hill from the Wye and onto the single track beside the western side of the station. There were four freight tracks on the eastern side of the station. The switchpoint for the separation of the tracks was just north of the eastern end of Broadway.

There is little remaining of the tracks or the station except slight changes in the earth where the ties were laid. On the eastern slope of the yard's berm, there are signs of cleaning out the firebox and other industrial debris.


BG #12 at Rhyolite


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