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Tonopah & Tidewater RR

The Station at Silver Lake, CA

Originally the route of the Tonopah & Tidewater lay directly across the 'dry' bed of the area known as Silver Lake. Unfortunately, this was a catch and drainage basin and when the heavy rains came, it flooded. In the Spring of 1910, it did so, the water rising almost to the fireboxes of the locomotives. Afterwards, the tracks were raised 6" and it was hoped that this would take care of the 'problem'.

Now comes the spring of 1916 ... Silver Lake floods again! This time seven miles of track are awash. Washouts at many other locations completely shut down services. Trains are running from Crucero to Las Vegas, over the LV&T to Beatty, then south to Tecopa.

A final solution is arrived at, Silver Lake is bypassed with 7 1/2 miles of new roadbed construction. Materials come from the abandoned Lila C. trackage. Most of the town moves with the railroad to slightly higher ground to the northeast of the lake bed.

While the old station was moved, due to the flooding it quickly fell apart. A Box Car and a Caboose were placed on rails east of the main line and served as "Silver Lake".

The divergence of the two ROWs can easily be found just off CA 127. Northbound, just above the Beatty Airport and the rejoining is on the slope where the road makes a right bend about 1/2 mile before the 'top' of the grade.


Silver Lake, CA


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