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Wreck on the Tecopa Railroad

1913, July 7 - Runaway
With a new engineer aboard, TCM's engine "got away" and left the tracks on a curve about 1.5 miles below the Noonday Mine. This is one of the steeper parts of the route with several sharp curves.
Two verbal accounts say it was on returning from the mine and the engineer couldn't control the heavier load.
I'd chased this 'story' for years until Steve Mulqueen's article on the T&T was submitted along with a picture captioned "Acme Siding Wreck, July 1915 ?" As the T&T never owned a 2-6-2T ... what was this image? Was it even connected with the T&T? Then the rear headlight 'lit up' and I was able to locate the spot.
It's about midway on the steepest section of the Noonday branch of the Tecopa (Consolidated Mines) Railroad, about 1/2 mile above where the TR grade leaves the Furnace Creek Road at the top of the road's climb. This hill is just below a quick curve after crossing a wash, which explains why the engine was tossed where she came to rest.
Note that the alignment of the rails, while correct where the photographer stood, has been shifted hard against the hillside as the engine fought to make the curve. One or two loaded Gondolas would have been uphill of the engine. See Ghost #7
She was repaired and put back into service as evidenced by her abandonment photograph taken at Tecopa on "The Last Run of the T&T" in the image database.
Article from the "Tonopah Daily Bonanza" -- July 8th, 1913


Wreck on the Tecopa Railroad

Original B&W image courtesy of & copyrighted by U.S. Borax, Inc.


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