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Overview of Rochester, CA

aka Stedman, Stagg

Inthe 1880's John Suter, a roadmaster for the A&P spent much of his free time exploring the mountainous area to the south of Ludlow, CA. He staked claims in the Buckeye Mining District at the southeastern end of the Bullion Mountains and before 1900 had formed a company and had men at work in the Rochester area.

In 1901 a new group, the Bagdad Mining and Milling Co., purchased his claims and began to operate the prime location. One of the first samples hauled out for processing at the Randsburg - Santa Fe Reduction Co. in Barstow, assayed at over $17 per ton!

With that yield, some thought was given to moving the mill to the new location, but the extreme aridness of the area caused second thoughts. Instead a railway was built from the mining site to a junction with the tracks, now ATSF, at Ludlow. Surveys were begun in mid 1902 and following incorporation of the Ludlow & Southern Railway in July, contracts for its construction were signed.

More claims were filed and a nearby property owned by B.E. Chase Gold Mining Co. was purchased. The combined operation became known as The Bagdad-Chase. Meanwhile work on the railway was progessing and the grading was completed in November.

Although ties were in place early in 1903, the long promised ATSF second hand rails didn't arrive until April. With rapid laying of the line, the L&S went into operation in late May (early June?) 1903.

This view looks northwards across the town. The 'road' in mid-distance is the L&S berm heading out for Ludlow.


Overview of Rochester


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