DVRR - Milepost 3.50 - Elevation 2264

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    Reference: OVR0006a
Collection: Owens Valley RR Co.
Description: DVRR Brill Car #5 at the top
of Furnace Creek pass.

Reference: OVR0011a
Collection: Owens Valley RR Co.
Description: DVRR #5 bound for Ryan,
paused in the middle of #3 Trestle.

Reference: Mentor Magazine, July 1922, Pg. 23
Collection: H. P. Gower
Description: "The steel ribbon is now flung across Nevada's sizzling waste of Alkalai, where the '20-mule team' formerly held sway, and Death Valley is annihilated by the 'T. and T.' railroad, which means in plain English 'Tomopah and Tidewater Railway. Our picture is of an auto with flanged wheels running between Ryan and the borax mines."
Location is on the DVRR, in California and the 1912 Cadillac is heading down to DVJ. Picture by Harry, possibly J. Ryan and wives in car. - Ed.

Page 1

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