BG - Milepost 0.00 - Elevation 5700

T&T - 243.30

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    Reference: TWH0011a
Collection: Winslow/Hendricks
Description: BG's locomotive #12 awaiting departure from the Columbia station of the BGRR in Goldfield. This was the norther terminus of the T&/BG operations.

Reference: TWH0057a
Collection: Winslow/Hendricks
Description: The freight station for the Bullforg Goldfield Railroad in Columbia (Goldfield).

Reference: TWH0065a
Collection: Winslow/Hendricks
Description: T&T Combination Car #11. As shown here, it was used in later years as a bunk car for the operating crew at Goldfield.

Reference: TWH0078a
Collection: Winslow/Hendricks
Description: The BG #14 (later renumbered to #12) posed for the camera before making the long 243 mile run to Ludlow. She blew her boiler in 1910 near Beatty.
see CNM3372-D

Reference: CNM2564-O
Collection: Central Nevada Museum
Luella Caine Collection
Description: T&G Depot at Columbia - Dec. 7, 1907
also as CNM_4750-A (not shown)

Reference: CNM3237-S1-ctr
Collection: Central Nevada Museum
Description: 1916 Five image Panorama of Goldfield.
(small center portion shown)

Reference: CNM3372-C
Collection: Central Nevada Museum
Description: BG Train about 5 mi south - 1908

Reference: CNM3372-D
Collection: Central Nevada Museum
Description: BG #14 (later renumbered to #12) at T&G Columbia Depot about 1906
see WH0078a

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