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Coleman     Reference: TMR5234b
Collection: Mojave River Valley Museum
Description: William T. Coleman, business associate of "Borax" Smith. Colemanite was named for him. Went bankrupt in 1888.

F.M. Smith Reference: TMR5236b
Collection: Mojave River Valley Museum
Description: Francis Marion "Borax" Smith. Bought out Coleman's holdings and formed Borax Consolidated, Ltd., parent company to the T&T.

W. W. Cahill Reference: WWC0001a
Collection: Daniel Cahill and Family
Description: William Washington Cahill - 1891
Known as 'Wash', he was born 8/18/1873 and died 5/23/1959. Appointed by 'Borax' Smith to be superintendent of the T&T Railroad.
His father, David Cahill, was a stagecoach driver in Calico.
His mother, Frances Rebecca Stiles, died in 1891 and is buried in Calico, CA. Her brother, Ed Stiles, was the first to hitch 20 mules together to haul the borax.

Reference: JR0001a
Collection: Gower Family
Description: John Ryan, 1849-1918, Chief Assistant to "Borax" Smith in the practical opening of Death Valley

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