T&T - Milepost 78.84 - Elevation 827

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    Reference: THR0003a
Collection: Harry Rosenberg
Description: The bridge gang at work on one of the many bridges crossing the Amargosa in about 1927. My father is in the foreground. The white grade is no illusion. Much of the T&T roadbed in Sperry wash was "reinforced" by tailings from the Borax mill in Death Valley Junction. [H. R.]

This trestle is at the lower narrows of the Amargosa Canyon, just before its junction with Sperry Wash. JAMc

Reference: TWH0023a
Collection: Winslow/Hendricks
Description: Tent camp at 'End Of Track" during the construction period of the T&T. Location is about 2 miles north of Sperry. The train is on a spur, while on the right two cuts are being made for the approach to the bridge at the "Sperry Narrows"

Page 1

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