T&T - Milepost 87.67 - Elevation 1315

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    Reference: TWH0021a
Collection: Winslow/Hendricks
Description: T&T #1 at the Red Cut landslide just south of Tecopa. Flowing springs on the hillside to the right caused this mess. Trains met at the cut and passengers and baggage were transferred around the cut until it was cleared.
See Ghosts

Reference: TWH0053a
Collection: Winslow/Hendricks
Description: Conductor Elmer French and his wife Clara Bell at their T&T company supplied home in 1912. Photograph by Frank Green, a fireman for the railroad.

Reference: TWH0054a
Collection: Winslow/Hendricks
Description: Filling the tender of T&T #4 with spring water at Red Cut south of Tecopa. Believed to be taken before the landslide at the north end of the cut. Tecopa later had a well and water tank.

Reference: TWH0079a
Collection: Winslow/Hendricks
Description: The morning 'up' train passing the T.C.M.'s mill south of Tecopa. Typical of the operation in later years when the T&T stopped having separate passenger service. [See Ghosts]

Amargosa Canyon Reference: TMR5147b
Collection: Mojave River Valley Museum
Description: Looking across the Amargosa River to the T&T grade on the eastern side of the Amargosa Canyon.

Reference: WTTC_TCMR_01_01
Collection: Willapa Collection
Description: Tecopa Consolidated Mines #1 abandoned and rusting.

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