Noonday Mine

TRC - Milepost 9.50 - Elevation ?

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    Reference: TWH0010a
Collection: Winslow/Hendricks
Description: Looking north across the upper reaches of the Tecopa Railroad. The main Minehead is at right. The oreway is at center and the train is a the bottom center. The ore was moved from the storage bin at the top by means of two carts on a gravity funicular railway.

Reference: TWH0055a
Collection: Winslow/Hendricks
Description: Looking southeast to the Noonday Minehead, the oreway, and the train at the base (center-right). The little white 'speck' is steam from the engine. As the direction from the ore bin was not perpendicular to the railroad, the dumping chute had an end guide that spilled the ore on a 30* slant into the waiting car.

Reference: THR0004a
Collection: Harry Rosenberg
Description: The (Lower) Noonday mine a few miles east of Tecopa lies on a faulted offset of the same ore body that supported the Gunsight early in the century and the War Eagle after World War II. Mines I worked in include Gerstley Borax, Western Talc and War Eagle. [H. R.]
Listed on the USGS Topo Maps as the "Columbia Mine" JAMc

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