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Inyo Independent, October 30, 1903PCB Traction Road Underway
"ROAD TO ASH MEADOWS" - The Pacific Borax Company’s road from Ivanpah station to the big deposits near Ash Meadows, is progressing rapidly. The grade has been reduced to a width of eight feet and a contract has been let for a new style of electro-gasoline engine or motor, to take the place of the Best traction engine formerly used by this company. The grade is completed to a point opposite of Sandy. Mr. Seymour Alf of Daggett, has the sub-contract for grading the new Salt Lake road, from the Nevada line to Kessler Springs. Some forty teams will start from Daggett for this place to commence work.
The Searchlight, October 30, 1903Electro-Gasoline Power for PCB
"MOTOR ENGINES FOR BORAX ROAD" - It is now announced that the Pacific Coast Borax Company will use a new style electro-gasoline motor engine on the roadway now in porcess of construction between Ivanpah and Ash Meadows. Formerly traction engines were used by the company. The grade is now complete to a point opposite Sandy.
The Searchlight, November 27th, 1903 PCB Road Construction Progress

At the present rate of construction it will take the Pacific Coast Borax Company some four months more to complete its road-way [sic] to its immense deposits in Death Valley. It was recently announced that the road when completed would be used by electro-gasoline motor engines, but as has been intimated, it is more than likely that eventually a railroad will be built.

The total length of the road will be 104 miles and will extend from State Line Pass to Ash Meadows. At the Pass the road connects with the Salt Lake line. Here a permanent camp has been established. The county traversed is rich in mineral wealth and the road when in operation will be a great benefit.

Construction has been completed as far as Stump Springs, a distance of 40 miles. from 70 to 80 men are employed. Wages are $3.00 a day and board is seventy-five cents.

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