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Inyo Independent, February 26, 1904PCB to Open New Mine
The Pacific Coast Borax Company is making a new departure in the line of traction transportation in connection with its new borax mines in Southern California. The 12-mile railroad gives connection with the Santa Fe road at Daggett. The company has been mining at Borate, Cal., for some years, but the expense of operating has been increasing lately, a depth of 600 feet have been reached. There is still a large quantity of borax to be taken out of here, but the company will suspend operations and transfer the miners to the new borax mine, which is now being developed by a force of 30 men. About 100 miners will be required in all. Shafts will be sunk and tunnels and drifts run the same as in quartz mining. There is some placer ground, but water is very scarce. The long haul from this mine to the Santa Fe Railroad branch at Ivanpah will be made by trains of electric cars running without rails over a macadamized road 100 miles in length. The new system will be given a trial next spring, taking the place of the wagon trains hauled by 20-mule teams. About 100 men are working on the road, which is being substantially constructed, from 10 to 12 feet in width and with no grades exceeding 6 per cent. There are some heavy rock cuts on the line. The road was commenced last June and is more than half completed.
Inyo Independent, March 25, 1904PCB Traction Road Nears Completion
Ivan Bunney got back last Tuesday from Arizona, where has been working on the Clark road. He disposed of all but three head of the stock he took away and returned on horseback by way of Death Valley and Modock. He said that the Pacific Borax Company's traction road into Death Valley is about completed and is a fine piece of work. It is hard and smooth all the way, and he thinks the traction engine undoubtedly work successfully.
The Searchlight, May 13th, 1904PCB Road Completed

All the men employed by the Pacific Coast Borax Company on the new traction road project between Ivanpah and the company's new mines at Ash Meadows, have been laid off, the work having been completed. It is not known when the new traction engines willbe received, but until then work will be done on the mines.

Randsburg Miner, May 14, 1904Traction Road Finished

"DESERT TRACTION ROAD COMPLETED." - All the men employed by the Pacific Borax company on the new traction road project between Ivanpah and the company’s new mines near Ash Meadows have been laid off, the work having been completed, says the Times-Index. It is not known when the new traction engines will be received, but until then work will be done on the mines.

John DeLong, one of the employees, brings the news that the Salt Lake road in the vicinity of the Devil’s Playground was buried deep in sand the other day a hurricane having held sway in the locality for a number of hours. It is believed that the company will have considerable difficulty in keeping that stretch of the road open, especially where it crosses the lower end of the playground, as sands shift continually.

Inyo Independent, June 10, 1904Right of Way Sought
The United States Borax Company has filed an application for a right of way for a tram-road extending from the Utah, Nevada & California Railroad where it crosses the State line at Ivanpah Valley to the "Lila C" mine in the Funeral Mountains.
Inyo Independent, June 17, 1904B&D Surveying to D.V.
The Death Valley Borax Company has decided to put a railroad to Furnace Creek. Engineers are now in the field to survey the route. There is also a survey being made from Daggett north to Windgate Pass and Windy Gap. The objective point is not known.
Inyo Independent, July 8, 1904B&D Graded to D.V.
We are informed that the Pacific Borax Company will put in a narrow gauge railway to their borax fields in Death Valley. The road bed has been graded for its entire length.
The Searchlight, August 26th, 1904PCB Abandons New Motor Scheme

Surveyors are on the ground lining up the route of the motor road which 'Borax Smith' has graded for the purpose of operating motor cars for hauling borax. The big machines were to have begun running last April, but the test made in the east proved that the scheme was impracticable and it was abandoned.

Inyo Independent, October 28, 1904B&D Extension to Tonopah
Considerable prospecting is being done in the Panamint Range. It is likely to fall within the range of prospectors of the Goldfield, Nevada district. This section between the Clark road and Tonopah, Nevada and the Death Valley section is expected to receive more attention the coming season than ever before. Articles of Incorporation have been filed at Independence for the extension of the railroad from Borate, now connected with Daggett, California, to Tonopah, Nevada, by way of the Saline Valley. This will go through the heart of a country hitherto almost prohibitive to the ordinary prospector, but generally conceded to be mineralized. -- Mining and Scientific Press
Inyo Land and Water Claims - MillsitesTecopa Lead/Silver Claim

Lookout Mine / Millsite
Located: December 3, 1904.
Locators: John Baxter, A.J. Cochran.
Situated: Manerva [Minerva] mining district, 2 miles W of California-Nevada state line, ˝ mile E of Borax Co. railroad grade, on road from Pahrump Ranch to Resting Springs.
Recorded: December 29, 1904.
Witnessed by Thomas Osborn.

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