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 2000 by John A. McCulloch

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Roamin' The Roads is devoted to trip reports of T&T'ers visiting various parts of the T&T and the associated lines. They are mostly 'current day' views of the roadbeds and areas.
Each of the articles is contributed by the respective author, is copyrighted by him/her and is housed on his/her site, with a few exceptions.
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Tonopah & Tidewater Scouting Expedition

By John Brabyn PhD
In January 2001 my daughter Jocelyn and I investigated some lesser-travelled segments of the Tonopah & Tidewater and its related railroads. We covered the Ludlow & Southern, the Tecopa Railroad and various segments of the T&T itself between Ludlow and Shoshone. In March 2001 I covered the segments north of Shoshone, including Eagle Mountain to Death Valley Junction and Beatty to Goldfield. In May 2001 I explored the competing Las Vegas and Tonopah RR route from Beatty to Bonnie Claire with seasoned desert explorer and amateur geologist Joe Maulhardt.

Ludlow & Southern Railway in 2003
By John McCulloch
In January 2003 Shadow and I took a long awaited trip out to the wilds south of Ludlow California. These pages cover the exploration of the L&S right of way and around Rochester (aka Stedman) and the mines.
L&S - Rochester (Stedman) to the Pass
By John McCulloch
Documenting the state of the roadbed on the100th Anniversary of the building of the Ludlow & Southern. The area between the Pass and Ludlow is virtually non-existant. Only hints remain, except at Ludlow.
An Amargosa Journey
By Abe Van Luik
Abe's slowly covering the middle section of the T&T by exploring the path of the Amargosa River. This section is just a part of his many trips and covers the northern end of the Amargosa Canyon along the T&T roadbed.
TTRR reaches Tidewater !
By John McCulloch
After several years of tracking the roadbed, TTRR is dropping a siding
to park the Ghost's work train. We'll be shopped out about 2006.
TTRR Mural Arises in Beatty!
By Laura Cunningham
We have finally got the T&T mural going here in Beatty!
I hope to be finished by Summer. [2008 - Ed.]


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