The T&T Mailing List


The nvshortline list (hosted by Gary Elias) is intended primarily for the discussion of the Tonopah & Tidewater Railroad.

Many of those interested in the T&T also share an interest with other Nevada and Eastern California shortlines, so discussion will not be limited to the T&T nor to roads connected to it.

However supporters of the Clark road that loudly voice their opinions, may be charged high freight rates, may not tie their track into this list, and may be threatened with trespassing.

by Gary Elias


This mailing list is available by logging onto nvshortline , on the upper right click on "Register". Then fill out the form, entering your email address and chosing a password.

After registering the system should return you to the nvshortline page.

If it doesn't, go to the home page, enter "nvshortline" in the search.

Note: there is another list simply called 'shortline' - that is not the T&T list.


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