Letter concerning LV&T building to Pioneer and buying T&G

May 8th, 1909
Mr. F. M. Smith
Oakland, Calif.
Dear Sir,
Just had the pleasure of reading Mr. Alberger's letter to you of the 3d regarding the L.V. & T. building to Pioneer. Pleased to see the conclusion Messrs. Ryan and Alberger came to after fully going over the situation: and that they will have the matter drag along with Ross Clark until there is a more definite showing at Pioneer.
I think they are right in believing that Clark was bluffing. I understand, however, that Clark is nibbling for the purchase of the T. & G. With the exception of making it difficult for us to compete for Tonopah business I fail to see where Clark would better his position by taking over the T. & G.
I am not sure that the information I got that Clark is nibbling for this property is from actual facts or from the wish on the part of the owners of the T. & G. that Clark would negotiate.
Knox is very anxious to have Clark buy the T. & G. so as to induce Clark to build an extension that will connect with Knox's Bodie Road and possibly these rumors are occasioned more by Knox's activity in the matter than any actual advances on the part of the Clark people.
Yours very truly,
C. B. Zabriskie
Rubber Stamp 'Signature' used.
Copies to Messrs.
Ryan and Alberger


This document courtesy of   Johns' Western Gallery


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