Letter concerning
Bullfrog-Goldfield Bonds and
Tecopa (Consolidated Mining) Co.

Dec.17, 1910
Mr. B. W. Fernald
Los Angeles, Cal.
Dear Sir,
I am leaving for the east tonight. The interest on the Bullfrog bonds falls due on Jan1st, 1911, and also we have to reduce the note at Philadelphia $14,000. Therefore if you have any funds that you can possibly spare to send on to N.Y. kindly do so at once, thereby reducing to that extent the amount I will have to get advanced to us to meet those requirements.
Regarding your letter concerning our bills against the Tecopa Co. we all considered it was much better to sacrifice some of the amount due and get our money, rather than to stand out for the full amount and possibly have to fight for it. When Graves has honored the draft which he has authorized us to draw on him, we can take up the matter of the per diem charge for the car which is on their tracks, and he may be able to arrange some way to get the car back to us. If not, this is his funeral.
About this time Tecopa Consolidated Mines was 'using' T&T flat car #101 - Ed.
Yours very truly,
C. B. Zabriskie


This document courtesy of   Johns' Western Gallery


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